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  1. Preparation of an application.
    You draw up a staff requirement application in the most suitable way.

    You can submit an application staff requirement by doing the following:

    • filling in a form «application» at our website on-line;
    • sending an e-mail
    • calling the agency phones: +38 (048) 735-53-33, +38 (048) 718-22-66

      Our manager will contact you and answer your questions.

  2. Staff recruitment.
    After your requirements are specified, we will recruit candidates and send information about them to your e-mail for you to study it and approve them.

  3. Interviewing procedure.
    The next stage involves interviewing the candidates that match your requirements best. Our Approvals Manager organizes the interview at the most convenient time for you in Agency office or at your home or office on your request. We provide documents on each and every applicant. During the interview you may put any clarifying question to applicants as well as express your requests and requirements.

  4. Staff probation period.
    After the candidate is approved Agency provides a probation period on your request when you may supervise his/her work and make a final decision.

  5. Contracting.
    Following the results of probation period we conclude a Services Agreement with you and supply the whole package of employee documents. Payment for Agency services is made at the conclusion of the Agreement. Agency services cost amounts to a singlemonthly salary of the Staff.

  6. Information support.
    The Agreement shall be concluded for 12 months term. During this period our Agency manager shall monitor the quality of work performed by the employee you hired and settle any arising disputes. On expiration of the Agreement term you also may address the Agency for consultations and clarifications.

  7. Personnel replacement guarantee.
    During the term of the Agreement the Agency shall provide you with replacement of an employee in case if he/her is dismissed or fallen ill. The replacement complies with your requirements stated in the Application. The replacement can be carried out 3 times maximum at the pricing valid on the date of personnel replacement.

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